A powerful combination of technology and tradition


There’s no denying that many of the people at our Bishop’s Castle sawmill hold a lifelong fascination with machinery of any kind. Whether it’s designed to pull, lift, cut, harvest, process or move stuff machinery is interesting and it’s fun: and it really doesn’t matter whether it was made last week or last century.

So, the arrival of our new Scania 8×2 rigid truck with 3 steer axles (yes, 3) caused a bit of a stir. With such enhanced manoeuvrability this vehicle will get to the tightest of the many tight spots to which we have to deliver our finished timber products.

Isn’t she a beauty? All high tech under the bonnet but running in the traditional livery of A Evans & Son: the family name of the owners of the sawmill. Of course, machinery of any kind is designed to make us more productive, more efficient and more competitive and can’t be allowed to stand idle for long. So here’s the same truck all loaded up and ready for its first delivery first thing Monday morning. What a picture!