A tail of three trailers that says a lot about the way we run our business

The first picture shows a wagon bringing in larch from Upcot Wood in Devon – one of a number of forest holdings we’ve bought over the years. The warm but wet climate in that part of the UK is noted for producing some if the nation’s finest timber. Making certain of quality logs going into the mill is just one of the steps in ensuring quality products come out.

In the background of that same picture you’ll see a log wagon with some of our acoustic fencing panels loaded onto its back trailer. We wouldn’t normally load product onto a log wagon but it was going to return empty to its base in the south west which seemed a real waste. With product on board the lorry owner benefits, and so do our customers who’ll get their order sooner than they might otherwise.

The second picture shows a trailer ready for a series of deliveries in the south-east of England. There’s product treated in both green and brown, timber cladding, gate posts, feather-edge board and even an acoustic gate. It nicely illustrates the breadth of our product range and the sheer versatility of timber as a raw material with a staggering variety of uses.