Remembering Alan Evans, pressing on, and recognising long service.

It is three years to the day since the sudden death of Alan Evans who (along with his brother Brian) saved our sawmill from bankruptcy in 1978 by buying the mill for just £100 … along with the £1.5 million of debts to the bank and trade creditors which had accumulated. Every penny of debt was paid off over the following 5 years and investment in the mill has continued to this day.

Alan himself was always ‘pressing on’ so he would have been pleased with what we’ve done since his death: a state of the art treatment centre, a new kiln, a new roof on the sawmill, a new chip store as well as countless other investments in machinery, equipment and people.

He would be the first to say that the success of Ransfords as a business was down to a team effort. There are key leaders who have steered the ship who don’t need mentioning now (they know who they are) and there are vital members of the team who have given long and valued service. We recognised three of them at our recent Christmas party:

Kevin Munslow, production supervisor Martin Philpott resaw supervisor who have each served 40 years and Phil Collins panel manufacturing supervisor who has served 25 years. Our thanks to them for all they have done for Ransfords over the years. Good wishes to them and their families as we approach another year, and we send the same good wishes to all staff, suppliers and customers.

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