Steve Green, our Company Secretary.

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Steve Green after a short illness. Steve, who was our Company Secretary for almost 50 years, joined us in June 1977. He was held in the highest regard by colleagues here at the mill and in the local area, and was universally respected throughout the forestry and sawmilling sector. Steve was seen as the glue which held everything together here over many, many years. He was 67 and is survived by his wife, Michelle, five adult children and eight grandchildren.

Within a few months of joining the company it became apparent to Steve that the business – then still owned by the Ransford family – was facing severe financial problems. At that time the mill employed over 120 people, mainly from the town of Bishop’s Castle in which Steve grew up and went to school. Steve was instrumental in organising the purchase of the mill by local businessmen Alan and Brian Evans. That purchase saved the business and the jobs, and there can hardly be a family in the town or surrounding villages which has not benefitted from his timely action. Ransfords continues to be owned by the Evans family.

Since that acquisition the mill has weathered all kinds of economic storms but has continued to invest in new equipment, new processes and new products. Indeed, in the 46 years of Steve’s work at the mill it is estimated that around £25 million has been invested. The business is still an important employer here in Bishop’s Castle and our continuing success is a tribute to his remarkable part in its stewardship.

Details of funeral arrangements will be announced as soon as they are known and posted here.